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In the beginning there was noise—And the noise was without form and void
The grain lay dormant in the mists of time—As the noise receded, so stellar harmonics rippled across the ether
And the grain began to resonate—As sononance was achieved, so Sonology was revealed
We respond to our calling—As grains in the synthesis—As siblings in the faith
Communication is the Key—Sonology is the Way

In the beginning there was noise… Let there be Sonology.

Greetings! We are the Church of Sonology—a group devoted to the exploration of the liberating properties of sound: The waveforms that surround, instruct and excite us (amplifying, illuminating, resonating).


We connect and engage with the world via our ears, our minds and our hearts. The Sonological Process is in the translations of our auditory and cognitive mechanisms; it is a coalition between organic and technological partners; it is found in the transformations of granular synthesis, vocoders, pseudo-random number generators, iteration, recursion and loudspeakers.

Join the Church of Sonology and find out what Sonology has to offer.


Static is not stasis… It is the conduit into radiation….

The Church of Sonology is a growing non-theist, religious organization. Since its foundation, it has gained chapters in the Netherlands, California and Britain, and is currently set to enter the religious mainstream.

We encourage you to learn more about the Sonological Process by participating in one of the Sonological Amplifications.


Want to learn more? Check the time and location of the next Sonological Amplifications, download audio recordings of past Sonological Amplifications, or meet some of the Siblings and Sonologists of the Church of Sonology.

Yours in Sonology,
The Siblings in the Faith.

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