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The only good system is a sound system.

We invite you to download and listen to the audio samples available on this page. Although the orthodox way into the Sonological Process is by participating in a Sonological Amplification, we also understand that this may not always be possible.

Audio samples are mp3 files. For playback, you will need a decoder or player.


Forget the Word, listen to the Sound!

sonology @ dialogues (edinburgh, 2002): audio samples recorded on October 28th 2002 at the Sonological Amplification in Edinburgh as part of dialogues 2002.

sonology @ resonance fm (london, 2002): samples from the Amplification as part of “You Are Hear” broadcast and netcast on Resonance FM on May 13th 2002.

sonology @ dialogues (edinburgh, 2002)
IHHTL.mp3 1'24" excerpt
1.1MB mp3 audio file
“I have heard the light”
Siblings kumar and vespucci of The Transmission.
wonderful_day_a.mp3 2'10" excerpt
1.9MB mp3 audio file
“a wonderful day: escape from asonic psychosis”
Sibling resplendent calls for freedom from RR (Rest Reality). With guidance from sibling boundless, all the gathered collectively modulate and amplify the call.
wonderful_day_b.mp3 6'00" excerpt
5.5MB mp3 audio file

sonology @ resonance fm (london, 2002)
transmission.mp3 0'25" excerpt
0.3MB mp3 audio file
“It must be the transmission….”
Excerpt from the initial Sonological Transmission (siblings kumar and vespucci).
sonology.mp3 2'59" excerpt
2.3MB mp3 audio file
“Let there be Sonology….”
Excerpt from the opening of the Sonological Amplification
sermon.mp3 2'30"
2.0MB mp3 audio file
“Forget the Word, listen to the Sound!”
An inspiring intonation by sibling resplendent.
communication.mp3 3'52" excerpt
3.0MB mp3 audio file
“Communication is the Key….”
Excerpt from from the closing of the Amplification.

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