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a seeker of the sonological process

Imagine what Sonology has to offer to you.

Sonology is a faith, not a belief system. It is an ever evolving organism, not an historic artifact. It is a symbiont infrastructure, not an inscrutable black-box. Welcome to Sonology, the next generation in religious service providing.

Sonology is many things to many people, but, importantly, as a participant in the Sonological Process, you will be an active player in the ongoing revelations that form Sonology. As part of a collective, you become the grain in the synthesis.


Think of what you have to offer the Sonological Enterprise.

The Church of Sonology is always looking for new recruits.

Creative, outgoing, imaginatively practical with faith in contingencies? Does this sound like you? If so, the Church of Sonology would like to hear from you! Please contact your local or national representative, contact the Church’s liaison officer, or come and participate at one of our Amplification sessions.

To be notified of future Sonological Amplifications, please subscribe to the announcement list.
To monitor the early reflections of Sonological Process, you may have a look at the archives of the discussion mailing list. If you would like to participate in these discussions, contact liaison or root.

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updated: june 2005